June 28--July 3 will be the next Thomas County Jury trial, with the Honorable James E. Hardy presiding over these criminall jury trials. There will be a calendar, closer to the date, below.


The jury summons you receive in the mail will tell you what time and to which floor of the Courthouse you should report. Please bring it with you when you come to jury duty. Do not wear shorts of any design, and dress appropriately for court. Be sure the Court has your correct address.  Your attendance is required by law unless legally deferred.  No electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom.

Jury trials generally last all or a portion of one week. The Judge will tell you when to return on subsequent days. Every step will be taken to keep you at the Courthouse for as short a time as possible when not involved in the trial of a case.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please speak to the bailiff or security officer. You may also call the Clerk of Court office at 229-225-4108 for further questions regarding jury duty.  Three days prior to reporting, you should call the Clerk's office at 584-2888 for reporting instructions.

The right to jury trials is a fundamental right in our democratic society. It is immemorial; it was brought from England to this country by the colonists, and it became the birthright of every citizen of this country. This right is dear to the American people -- it should be zealously guarded.

Your service as jurors is both a privilege and a civil duty. Be ever vigilant to protect the jury system. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

Cell phones are not allowed in the Courtrooms. Please keep your cell phone at home, or in your vehicle during Court.

Covid instructions will be mailed to prospective jurors.